WiMAX/LTE/DAS System Implementation Experience

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1997, BS, Electrical Engineering, KAIST
2000, MS, Information Engineering, PIRL, POSTECH
2006, Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering, POSTECH
2009, Team Leader, SW Development, FLYVO R&D Center, POSCO ICT
2011, Manager, Corporate R&D Center, SK Telecom
2015, VP of SW R&D Division, SOLiD R&D background and interests in the areas of wireless network and mobile computing, especially in wireless network design, system design and system development


In this presentation, field experience from developing WIMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) BS (Base Station) and ASN-GW (Access Service Network GateWay), LTE (Long Term Evolution) eNB (evolved Node B), and DAS (Distributed Antenna System) is shared. This presentation will not cover the technical aspects of each technology, but focus on sharing some experience and lessons learned while solving the engineering issues during the commercial development. Designing high speed networking devices with multi-core CPUs and building base stations with dedicated SoC platforms will be discussed and some related topics such as virtualization, SDR (Software Defined Radio) and etc. will also be addressed.