Systematic Approach to Infrastructure Resiliency for a Leading Telco


Abstract: Providing resiliency and high availability is a must for telco infrastructure. In addition, we would like the infrastructure to be manageable, performant, scalable, and flexible. The upcoming 5G network is a good chance to build a resilient and highly performant telco infrastructure. In this talk, I will present how SKT is preparing for that using open software and open hardware, and the progress so far.


Bio: Dr. Kang-Won Lee is a SVP of engineering at SK Telecom, a leading mobile operator in the world. He is leading the development of software-defined infrastructure technologies to prepare for the next generation telco infrastructure that will run NFV and support new applications such as AR/VR/UHD, connected cars, and IoT. Before joining SKT he worked at IBM Watson Research Center in NY for 14 years as a Research Manager. His expertise includes Cloud Computing, Network Big Data, Wireless Networking, Storage Systems. He received a PhD in CS from UIUC and a MS and BS from SNU.