Silicon, Software, and Supremacy

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Talk Abstract:

Silicon technology is making steady progress. Software adds significant usability and value to silicon products. Together, silicon and software form the basis for highly effective computing, which has been deeply embedded into our environment and daily life. This talk captures several key developments in the intersection of silicon and software technologies. I will also discuss why software R&D is increasingly more critical for the success of today’s silicon industry.


Sangyeun Cho’s Bio:

Sangyeun Cho is a VP R&D and Head of Software Center (DS Division) in Samsung Electronics. He received the BS degree in computer engineering from Seoul National University in 1994 and the PhD degree in computer science from the University of Minnesota in 2002. In 1999, he joined the System LSI Division of Samsung Electronics Co. and contributed to the development of Samsung’s flagship embedded processor core family CalmRISC(TM). He was a lead architect of CalmRISC-32, a 32-bit microprocessor core, and designed its memory hierarchy including caches, DMA, and stream buffers. In 2004, he joined the faculty of the Computer Science Department at the University of Pittsburgh and was promoted to the rank of tenured associate professor in 2010. He joined Samsung’s Memory Division in 2012, where he led enterprise solutions development and new systems-related research efforts. His research interests are in the area of computer architecture and systems with particular focus on performance, power and reliability of next-generation embedded and data center systems. He is a senior member of IEEE.


2018~: VP Engineering, System LSI Business, Samsung Electronics Co.

2017~2018: VP R&D, Head of Software Center, DS Division, Samsung Electronics Co.

2013~2017: VP R&D, Software Development Team, Memory Business, Samsung Electronics Co.

2012~2013: Director, Memory Solutions Lab, Memory Business, Samsung Electronics Co.

2004~2014: Assistant & Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Pittsburgh

1998~2004: Senior Engineer, System LSI Business, Samsung Electronics Co.

2002: PhD in Computer Science, University of Minnesota

1994: BS in Computer Engineering, Seoul National University