AI solutions through the integration of satellite and geospatial information

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Constraints in space, time, and human resources often inhibit timely monitoring and decision-making, leading to escalating risks and costs. Meissa Planet is building on satellite imagery to merge multiple spatial data types, digitally translating the real world.
This serves as a “Total Spatial Information Solution” to support decision-making and operations across various industries. In this presentation, we will share the interesting characteristics of satellite images, various analysis methods based on AI, future development directions, the necessity of spatial information integration, and examples thereof.

Dongyoung Kim obtained his B.S. and M.S. degrees from POSTECH, and then received his Ph.D. degree from the Dept. of CSE at Seoul National University in 2019, with a focus on neural network optimization. Subsequently, he worked at Hyperconnect and SAIT, where he was involved in the development of on-device AI algorithms and research on software/hardware co-optimization of neural networks. Currently, he serves as the CEO and CTO of Meissa Planet. He leads the development of user-tailored satellite image and spatial information analysis services based on AI, extracting meaningful insights from spatial data to provide value.